The Ohana Team


Keoni Coelho is the visionary and founder of Hawaiian-Way.
He has over 30 years experience both as a performer and
business owner.  His focus is to bring greater awareness
of Hawaii's unique talent to mainstream audiences, city
by city, and play a role that helps to establish "our talent
as more than just wonderful ethnic performance contribution,
but of real entertainment value that is recognized by audiences
of all age groups."



Melveen Leed is a recognized Celebrity Entertainer, Life-time Award Winning Recording Artist of Hawai'i. She has performed around the globe since the 60's and has performed with many of the greats of our time:  Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Wilson, Carmen McRae, Crystal Gayle and many more.  With her many accolades, Melveen is associated with Hawaiian-Way because she believes passionately in the mission that this company represents.  "When the focus is on Hawaii's own talent and to bring them to the forefront without the almighty dollar being the motivator, then I know that Keoni and Hawaiian-Way is on the right track to something very good." Melveen will be coordinating entertainment from the islands both Celebrity concerts and upcoming artists.



Kimo Kahoano has been sharing "Aloha" for the past 35 years.  He holds several accolades as an actor, performer and radio personality.  Kimo has been the co-host of Hawaii's Stars from day one back in the 70's. He is also the MC of the world renowned, Merrie Monarch in Hilo on the Big Island.  He is the most comfortable speaking to audiences as diverse as Hawai'i is and to group sizes in the thousands.  For Kimo, Hawaiian-Way is a pure extention of what he has always believed and supported:  The perpertuation and preservation of Hawaii's Musical Talent in and outside of the islands. Kimo brings the cohesiveness that Hawaiian-Way needs to fulfill its mission.